Se isto fosse verdade eu seria muito inteligente. Como não sou, não é.

  1. Very individualistic
  2. Free thinker/non-conforming/averse to authority
  3. Heightened sensitivity to both external and internal stimulus
  4. Rich inner world (the capacity to be able to generate experiences internally using experience and information synthesized from the outer world).
  5. Heightened sense of perception (to be able to come up with effective practical solutions to problems after discovering the root of the issue).
  6. Intuitive (Being able to almost feel what someone is thinking/feeling and able to almost predict what is going to happen next in any particular situation)
  7. Being able to read very deeply into body language.
  8. Very analytical/observing; being able to point out the nuances in everyday living situations.
  9. Tend to have at least 1 parent or person in their family who are also pretty intelligent.
  10. Thrives on intellectual conversations/complexities (a love for turning the complex into simple and being able to extract the complexity out of what others view as simple).
  11. Likes to learn at a very fast pace and are able to demonstrate mental abilities well beyond one's physical age.